We are a Branding company. We serve our clients to expand their brand with meaningful well thought out marketing materials. We are a Minority Women Business Enterprise and as such follow and are committed to operating at the highest level of compliance. Our process is driven by understanding the foundation of our clients business and helping them create a brand and marketing materials that speaks to their target markets and is a true reflection of their brand. To create content and items that are a true extension. Our staff is committed to the end result of a beautiful cohesive brand. They work hard when it is necessary and play hard when it is possible.



about us…

Brancaster Marketing, Inc. was founded by Amanda Bodian in 1984. While she was a young mother raising her children she built this eCommerce business and enjoyed to be home raising her kids along. This Business was perfect for her because it also allowed for trips and client meetings and gave her the satisfaction of still having a professional career. In 2011 I answered an ad to be a bookkeeper. I was a young mother and college student studying Business Administration and Accounting who was looking for some part time flexible work. From 2011 to 2017 I worked as the bookkeeper for Amanda, we enjoyed working together very much. In late 2016 Amanda had disclosed that she was wanting to retire and sell the company, she had been looking into potential buyers. I always had a dream of owning my own business. I was excited to jump on the opportunity to purchase an already established business. In my early years of college I studies design and advertising I had dreamed of being a fashion merchandiser. After having my son young I decided that business was where I needed to focus my studies. In August of 2017 I became the proud owner of Brancaster Marketing, Inc. 

Since then I have learned so much about business. We have implemented all new software and changed how Brancaster does business in many ways. We are still the company who is dedicated to giving our clients a great promotional product but we have added other great complimentary items from Graphic and Brand Design to Printed Materials. We have also added the ability to print single personalized apparel items by adding an apparel print shop and Direct to Garment Printer.

Our Vision is to help all businesses build a foundation and  look beautiful while doing it through creating consistency across all their marketing materials from online marketing to customer gifts. To help expand Marketing efforts and create brand extension that reaches into the homes of your customers, employees, and target markets. Make your brand remembered by everyone you come in contact with. We love design, color, and brand consistency. Hire us to help you create and maintain a beautiful brand.